Diabetic Fruit Cake

Prep Time:
Cook Time:
2 hrs
Total Time:
2 hrs plus prep.
A word from the cook
Add a handful of chopped walnuts added if desired. This is really nice. Add them the next morning with the self raising flour.

1 kg Mixed Dried Fruit (I use Sunbeam)
1 cup Pitted Prunes chopped
1 heaped teaspoon Mixed Spice
1 Cup Prune Juice ( I use Sunraysia)
1/4 Cup Orange Juice (I use freshly squeezed)
2 Cups SR Flour

  1. Soak Fruit & Spice in Fruit Juices (and a little dash of Port if liked, this is rather nice) overnight covered in refrigerator.
  2. Add flour next morning (add more juice if too sticky) .
  3. Place in greased and doubly lined round or square tin.
  4. Bake 2 hours at 150cFF
  5. Cool in tin before turning out.

Makes a good size cake.

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