BBQ Trout with Pinenut Filling

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    Anne Cameron
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Prep Time:
45 min
Cook Time:
20 approx
Total Time:
1 hr 5 min
A word from the cook
A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle

4 whole trout
2 gherkins

Pinenut Filling
2 bacon rashers, chopped
1/4 cup pinenuts
2 tablespoons chopped chives
3 shallots chopped
2 cups stale breadcrumbs
1/4 cup sour cream

  1. Trim fins from cleaned fish
  2. Open fish out as flat as possible skin side up
  3. Run rolling pin firmly down backbone, starting from the tail
  4. Turn trout over, with a sharp knife cut through backbone at each end of fish
  5. Gentlly lever backbone out, remove any remaining bones.
  6. Fill cavity of fish with Pinenut Filling
  7. Place each trout on greased sheet of aluminium foil
  8. Slice gherkins into fine strips and sprinkle over trout
  9. Fold aluminium foil over top and seal ends completely
  10. BBQ until fish are tender

I usually get a whole filleted trout so I don’t have to look at the head, and I only have to get the smaller bones out of the flesh to be sure there are no bones


  1. Fry bacon until crisp
  2. Add pinenuts, fry for a minute more and drain
  3. Stir in remaining ingredients

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